School Uniforms


Rather than relying on bake sales, raffle tickets, etc. to generate extra income for your school you can now rely on

your SCHOOL UNIFORM POLOS AND GYM WEAR as a source of potentially THOUSANDS of dollars in income for your school.

This program allows you to make a profit off of every single polo shirt and gym outfit your students purchase – something that all students are REQUIRED to have.

This program will generate income for your school while involving NO WORK on your end.

Here’s how it works:

-        Parents purchase your imprinted school polos and gym wear online.

-        Every item sold, your school makes a profit on

o   Prices are based on current uniform suppliers prices.

-        Orders are completed and delivered to your school at no charge on a weekly basis

-        Orders that arrive at the school are bagged, labeled by name and separated by grade.

o   All you have to do is distribute.

-        Each month, we provide you a profit check for your sales as well as a spreadsheet of what was sold.


-        If you have any questions about our quality, service or reliability please contact:

o   Sarah Markley: Saint James Regional, Ridley Park, PA -  (610) 583-3662

o   Katie McMahon: Ursuline Academy, Wilmington, DE - (302) 658-7158

This Program serves as an in SCHOOL FUNDRAISER. You still maintain your affiliation with you school uniform vendor, as this only applies to school polos and gym wear. The quality of our products are the same as your uniform supplier.

You customize the program. You can choose to go with either polo shirts or gym wear or you can do both. The choice is yours.

We are confident that this program can generate a reliable source of income for your school.

Let’s Recap!!.

-        FREE Website, FREE Delivery

-        NO WORK and NO VOLUNTEERS needed

-        Fundraiser can run all year long!

NO OBLIGATIONS! If at any time you are not happy with the program, you can stop it.

Please give us a call for more information at 610-497-5845. We would be happy to meet with you at your convenience. This is an easy money fundraising opportunity using items that you know every student in the school has to purchase.

This program can start immediately!




Example of Potential Profit:

-        If there are 300 students in your school

o   At Least half of the students will need to purchase new polos and gym wear for the year.

-        If each student purchases 4 polos, 1 gym t-shirt, 1 gym short, 1 gym pant, and 1 gym sweatshirt (which is about what would be used)

o   Hypothetical profit on each item

§  Polos:           5.00 profit x 4 polos x 150 students = $3000.000

§  T-shirt:          4.00 profit x 1 t-shirt x 150 students = $600.00

§  Short:            4.00 profit x 1 short x  150 students = $600.00

§  Pant:             4.00 profit x 1 pant x 150 students = $600.00

§  Sweatshirt:  4.00 profit x 1 sweatshirt x 150 students = $600.00

o   TOTAL:         $5400.00

§  This is an estimation. Profit could be higher or lower depending on spending habits.